A New Wave of HR Transformation in 2023

Accelerating Automation in HR

A dynamic session discussing key findings from Aptitude Research’s latest study on one of the most transformative technologies in HR today: Automation. 2023 brings new opportunities and new pressures to HR leaders to deploy more advanced automation capabilities than ever before—but are HR leaders and their teams ready to meet this moment?

Having AI involved in automation gives you the agility you need. You don't have to be able to predict the future in the implementation phase. The AI is smart, the AI is learning, the AI is adapting to drive innovation and drive automation throughout your organization and it will be impactful.

In 2022, 60% of companies increased investment in automation, specifically in HR. We solve the value and the need to increase our operating capacity as quickly as we can. And automation and AI capabilities have many use cases to support that.

We integrate with the technology that you already have in place. It's time to harmonize your current HR tech stack and maximize your investments. 

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