Southwest Airlines Winning Combination With HiredScore + Beeline

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HiredScore's Talent Orchestration Brings Southwest Airline's HR Technology Together.

HiredScore’s Talent Orchestration is Southwest Airline's Talent Air Traffic Controller. Using AI, automation, and deep integrations, HiredScore delivers proactive, action-driving recommendations to the right stakeholder at the right time, meeting their talent goals with the utmost safety, transparency, and real-time awareness!

“HiredScore and Beeline really unlocks a lot of features and options from our tech landscape that we didn't really plan or strategize around."

“Now that we have HiredScore and Beeline working together, it's really allowed us to unlock our tech and power orchestration."

“I see this tool as not only improving our candidate experience, candidate quality and but speed to hire given its' connection to all of our tech stack."

We integrate with the technology that you already have in place. It's time to harmonize your current HR tech stack and maximize your investments. 

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